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Re: Fans Say Goodbye To 'Star Trek: The Experience'

I feel as though another series has been cancelled. I remember feeling profoundly sad when TNG ended on TV even though I knew it was going to the big screen and DS9 was on and VOY was coming soon. Same with NEM when it flopped at the box office and with ENT when it was cancelled; I felt a sense of loss. I am experiencing nip-pah' with STTE closing. Lord knows many of us did our bit to keep it successful. In my case, I brought my family to it several times over the years culminating with my wife and me renewing our marriage vows in June. I savored every moment walking around the Bridge by drinking in the moment and taking plenty of pictures and video. Tonight I will break open a bottle of Romulan Ale and toast ten years of fantasy and entertainment Trek-style. We can only hope that this next film will create enough buzz so that some established theme park will open a Trek ride with shops and restaurants. Are you listening Six Flags, Universal and Disney??
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