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Re: Prison Break 4x01 "Scylla" - Discussion and Spoilers

I thought this was a good start to a new season. Now that they're filming in LA the show looks like a Bruckheimer movie! I think this new concept, working for the gov to expose the Company, is the logical progression of the story (and indeed what I suggested they should do at the end of last season!) that avoids being repetitive. I've always like Michael Rappaport from back in Boston Public, so him being the good guy ally was a treat.

The ressurection of Sarah... I'm okay with it I guess. I was pissed at the abrupt death of Whistler and Gretchen as they were good villains to have us focus on for this (final?) year. So while I'm glad Gretchen is alive, it sucks Whistler died before we really learned what was up with him. Oh, and the new Company assassin is just awful. I dunno if its the actor or what but he was just completely uninteresting and just looked bored and in a bad way.
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