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Re: Jadzia's Favourite Films Hurt/Heal

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Your taste is all over the place. Just as many horrible movies as great ones.
Haha, I don't care much for the star-ratings. I suppose I judge movies most by their atmosphere, whether that is a dreamy fantasy or stylish gothic feel, or just an alternative way of looking at the world. That can entertain me more than the story, and I love Sleepy Hollow for that reason -- it puts real effort into atmosphere, and those scenes with the galloping horseman, amidst the gray hue of twilight, the damp ground, and the sight and sound of the hooves, its beautifully made.

I also like movies to be relatively easy to watch, while comedy and sci-fi are probably the genres which are the most difficult to impress me, because so often they just look silly to me.

I tend to dislike sci-fi which is all guns and lasers and hostile lumps of jelly, but Terminator is an exception, because it has some feasibility with artificial intelligence. I can imagine machine intelligence being that advanced, and I am interested in artificial intelligence too. While films like Under Siege and Masterminds, present a real strategic puzzle, that the viewer can enjoy speculating over, and seeing how the good guys finally manage to win.

And whatever the film, it's always more fun to throw a megalomaniac into the mix.
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