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Re: Data - B4 Question

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I'm a little surprised (and discouraged), that no one has adressed the fate/future of Data in a novel (i.e. somehow escaped/taken at the last split second).

This is science fiction, and any number of possibilities could be used to bring back one of Trek's most popular characters. He could then very easily live on in future books.
Easy isn't always desirable. Far too many fictional characters have been resurrected, and that cheapens the whole concept of character death. Where is the cost, the sting of death, the legitimacy of tragedy and sorrow, if every major character who dies can be expected to pop up alive again a few volumes down the road? Where is the story logic, or the fairness, if minor characters die permanently but major characters are effectively immortal? Where is the courage or creativity in pressing the reset button on every death rather than exploring how the characters live with its consequences?
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