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Re: Watchmen-The graphic novel

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I have also been recently wondering if I should read this.

So far, this thread is very discouraging. Apparently I'll need to be some kind of brilliant genius to start with, then take a college course on it, and then re-read it again several years later to really appreciate it.

Ok. Or I could go get an ice cream sandwich out of my freezer.

I dunno, it's a pretty tough choice.
Aw, screw all that. You don't need it. Just read it at your own pace and enjoy.
QTF: the only reason people get this into Watchmen is that its genuinely that good. When you have finished it you will want to discuss what you have read with other people. That's why it generates such intense discussions, because it deserves them. Read it as a story, enjoy it, let it sink in, and then realise you want to hear what other people think.
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