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Re: Prison Break 4x01 "Scylla" - Discussion and Spoilers

Eh, average. Competent action, but I really don't know how it's going to work for PB to become a low-rent variation on 24. There was a lack of what made these characters work all along, the witty back-biting interaction and conflict. Also, putting them in situations where they are the underdog and have to fight for survival is more what I watch this show for, not to watch everyone make like Jack Bauer. Maybe when T-Bag joins the gang, things will pick up.

And I'm horrified at the thought that the Dept of Homeland Security would be desperate enough to turn those that particular gang of "freelancers" to do their work. I could see Michael, Mahone and T-Bag, but what the heck are Sucre, Bellick and Sarah there for? Linc can be the muscle, but that hardly makes him unique. Can't whassisface flip open an issue of Solider of Fortune and find more likely employees?

The Asian hacker was boring and annoying, not to mention a walking cliche. Here's hoping he comes to a speedy end.

T-Bag didn't seem his usual vicious self. I thought for sure he'd figure out the coyotes' game immediately and jump them first. Mahone being low-key and in mourning won't work for long. I'm hoping he's off his meds now, and gets into nothing-to-lose badass mode.

Glad to see Gretchen survived. It gives Sarah some purpose in the story to eventually be the one to off the bitch.
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