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Re: What's up with the more recent Arnold movies?

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And, this may be more of a personal hunch, but it struck me that Arnie was resorting to lesser more easily shootable scripts like CD and EoD (he apparently owns a lot) because he couldn't do pet projects like Crusade which has been bogged down for years. (This was the project he and Verhoeven wanted to do together.)
I browsed the web for some information on Crusade. Looks like Kassar killed that particular project (there was some detailed information here though I'd like to point out I that I don't know how accurate it is) which was a bit of a surprise considering all the good (particularly Arnold) stuff he'd produced over the years.

However, making Cutthroat Island instead of Crusade doesn't really look like a very good idea no matter which way you look at it, I suppose .

I think Crusade could have been very successful. As I said, I think Arnold and Verhoeven were a terrific match.

Having said that, I'd have preferred them making Total Recall 2 or something else in the realm of sci-fi. I think Arnold and Verhoeven mentioned something about Minority Report basically being Total Recall 2 or what whould have been TR 2 in the TR commentary.
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