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Re: Data - B4 Question

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I never bought the "B-4 could be Data" argument, anyway, for the reason's Christopher already stated.

Yes, Data's information and memories were transferred, but reduced to facts and events, rather than experiences. In other words, nothing that actually made Data the "person" into which he had evolved over the years made the transition, as B-4's systems were inferior to those Data possessed. This much was stated in the movie, and to some extent is exactly the scenario Data feared would happen when he faced off against Maddox in "The Measure of A Man."

Now, can B-4 learn and evolve into his own person, perhaps guided to some degree by what Data left him yet still having his own experiences, making his own mistakes, and so on? That remains to be seen.
I agree with Dayton that I never really thought this argument could actually be used to bring back Data, though I have always thought that the wrongheaded writer(s) of Nemesis intended this to be the idea - it just goes along with all the other "wrongness" of that particular movie's logic.

What I would very much like to see is the evolution of B4 as a new, original character, one which happens to include certain aspects of Data. This would be an interesting opportunity for the novel writers to create and develop a character who both is and is not our old friend. While B4 has remained essentially an offscreen character in the books up until now, I'm hoping that something like this eventually will come to pass.
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