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I also very much so disagree with the assumption that the Federation needs years to construct a large star-ship.
While granted it IS possible, it's also unlikely given the amount of Federation resources, how large it actually is, it's technological capabilities (not to mention the humongous mushroom type star-bases).

Also, let's keep in mind that what was seen onscreen can hardly be taken as a direct interpretation all the time since A LOT of things were simplified (dumb-ed down) for the TV in favor of ... ding ding ding ... DRAMA.

I would at the very least be generous and say that SF has a minimum of 8000 combat/exploratory star-ships at their disposal.
Given the amount of space the Federation has, it's hardly a wild number.

DS9 on the other hand would have you think that SF has about 1500 ships at it's disposal.
I'd shoot the Federation officials myself if they had such a pitiful number of ships.

Granted, SF is not a military organization, but if you want to be effective and prepared for a potential war with a species that wants you exterminated ... then have an actual fleet capable of doing the job of protecting the amount of territory you have at your disposal.
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