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Re: Prison Break 4x01 "Scylla" - Discussion and Spoilers

Well, it's possible this episode was so exposition heavy because they lost 10 episodes or so of their previous season due to the writer's strike.

Plot events like the prison burning down -facilitating the escapes of TBag and Sucre, Lincoln breaking a law and being extradited to the US (not entirely impossible), Sara being alive (again, not entirely impossible) and so on could've been much longer and greater plot threads that would've been more fleshed out had they gotten a fuller third season.

The miracle tatt removal we're just going to have to shrug and deal with and accept that in the wonderful land of makebelieve these people live in there's a miraculous tatt removal (available to only high levels of government?) they used on Michael. From a plot stand-point they're not needed anymore and it's got to be frustrating to the wardrobe people to always have Michael in long sleeves to prevent the make-up people from having to put hin in the tatt, which we all know Wentworth doesn't like having to go through.

So they just got rid of it. That one we're just going to have to deal with as being necessary.

But now that we're done with the exposition heavy first episodes -again due to having to deal with the strike- I imagine the rest of the season will be pretty well on track.

What do you guys think the odds are that Kellerman will come back?
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