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Re: Google ownz your browsing

My browsers rarely crash, can't remember last time one crashed on me. As to faster web pages, certainly I have no problems with rendering pages. The only slowdown is on things like the network connection.
I wouldn't say that Firefox crashes often, but it certainly crashes more often than anything else on this (Vista x64) system. Granted, it's used more often than most other applications too.

Regarding speed, using Joystiq as an example, in Internet Explorer I can spin the flywheel on my mouse and it'll scroll smoothly from top to bottom in the space of two seconds. Using Firefox it's closer to five seconds and it jerks and jumps all the way down. It has nothing to do with scroll speed settings, the additional delay on Firefox is caused by all the momentary pauses as it scrolls down the page, pauses which are visually disconcerting as well as time consuming. I don't know, or particularly care to know, the details as to what's going on there, but it's vaguely annoying.
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