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Re: Prison Break 4x01 "Scylla" - Discussion and Spoilers

Total utter crap.

The whole show i just based on circumstantial events (like everyone ending up in the US) and has gone from a sorta interesting show into some sort of "Mission Impossible" rip off. They really should have ended it all in season two. Way to go on totally resetting everything that happened,

"Oh the prison burnt down? Great! Oh they're in America? Well super! The head wasn't hers? Fabulous! We need a fat stupid ex corrections officer because the producer said so? Awesome!
Lincoln gets arrested because of something retarded and sent to the US? Unfreakingbelievable"

And I'm hardly a tattoo expert but doesn't tattoo removal leave bad scars?

Oh yeah and Michael has gotten chubby, ease down on the burgers.

Only fun thing is T-Bag who is really starting to remind me of Herr Starr from Preacher.
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