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Re: The Rise of a Mighty Blue Moon!

^And that is just ridiculous. Dennis Wise managed my club for short period. I don't think he's had a good record anywhere he's been.

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Now they are not even the most powerful club in their own city!
I wouldn't go that far. Not every player is a mercenary like Robinho. The very best will want to go to the very best clubs, and at the moment City is not one of those.
Yeah, Robinho kinda forced himself out by saying he wants to leave Madrid and all that. Gotta laugh at Chelsea though, last week printing shirts with Robinho's name on and then being gazumped by Man City

But it's blatantly obvious why Robinho moved, just a few days ago his head "was at Chelsea".

I too think this big 5 is premature, City haven't won anything yet. But now they have the best chance to displace one of the top four, which presumably would be Arsenal or Liverpool. And the task of Villa/Everton/Spurs just got a whole lot harder too.
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