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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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I'm sorry, but hearing an Arsenal- and a Liverpool-supporter complaining about the sellout of football is simply hilarious.
Exactly, that's why I admitted that fans are fickle and hypocritical. I don't like the way football is going, but since I can't do anything about it, I want to be owned by the richest man in the world.

Alas, you're stuck buying Riera and some striker called Flora. What a deadline day!

I think this talk of Man City creating some sort of Top 5 that's utterly impenetrable is very premature myself. For a start, it's Man City. English football's longest running joke team. So they signed ONE big player under the noses of Chelski? Well done. It takes a big team to win something, not one striker with reasonable support and a promising goalkeeper.

Man City can offer big wages now, but can they offer a player the winning history, prestige and current upward mobility of their Red neighbours, or Chelsea, or Liverpool? No. I will be utterly shocked if they get Champions League this year, or within the next two or three.

The only negative effect I can see from this takeover is that the presence of one UAE family at one English club might draw in those people from Dubai to go in for Liverpool again. THEN I will worry about the end of the English game as we know it. At the moment, I still very much doubt Man City have enough to a) not choke and b) defeat Arsenal, Man Utd or Chelsea on a regular basis.

The best deal that got done yesterday, in terms of the most ridiculously priced, was Berbatov's, not Robinho's. With Berbatov it's clear he wanted it. With Robinho.. well, did he really want to settle for a team in the UEFA Cup, in dreary Manchester (bet he'll love the winter months up there), with team-mates he's probably heard of? We'll see, whereas Berbatov will get going straight away.

And QPR? Don't make me laugh! They have two things working against them and their bid for world domination. One is Iain Dowie. The other is the league they are in - you can be as rich as you want in the Championship, and you'll still get beaten by some dodgy promoted team or held to draws by half the rest on any given day.
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