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And I always suspected that Picard and Guinan had another meeting besides the one depicted in "Time's Arrow"(a.k.a. "Data's Head"). That episode certainly didn't develop their special friendship referred to on the series. It had to be another occasion or occasions that formed their bond.
"Stargazer: Oblivion" by MJF.
Well, it was quite explicit that "Time's Arrow" was not their first meeting from Picard's perspective. Before Picard went back in time, Guinan asked him if he remembered how they first met, and when Picard said yes, Guinan told him, "No, you don't."

And of course their first meeting from Picard's POV (the meeting depicted in Oblivion) was not their only meeting prior to TNG; one event over two decades in the past would not have been enough to account for their closeness.

The Buried Age depicts some of the key events in the Picard/Guinan relationship. They've already been good friends for many years at the time of TBA, but the novel's events help explain what there is about their relationship that's so profound to them both in later years.
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