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The Rise of a Mighty Blue Moon!

You must admit that it is a laugh to see those United fans getting all flustered, for decades they have been by far the most powerful club in England who could outbid any club for any player.
Now they are not even the most powerful club in their own city!

Still, English football is getting to the stupid stage. If this guy who owns Man City is as rich as they say, gives his manager a free reign to sign who he likes, and is in this for the long haul, then the simple truth is that City will be the dominant force in the land within 2-3 seasons.
Still, there are alot of Ifs in there. nothing is guarenteed, I mean, just look at that lunatic who owns Hearts. He was going to smash the Old Firm and make Hearts a power in Europe, yet all he does is sack managers every two minutes, and signs second rate Lithuanians.
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