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Re: Prison Break 4x01 "Scylla" - Discussion and Spoilers

Well, this is off to a very promising start.

Very "Scofield's Seven" kind of feel.

Great to SWG/Sarah back. Love her.

I'd love it to see if they can bring back Kellerman (we didn't technically see him die, there's room for him to come back.)

I still hate Susan B. Anthony/Gretchen and hope she's not around much this season the new "Operative" guy is well played.

All and all could be an interesting season.

The Wasian hacker kid is going to probably get annoying, and the "tech" in the series has almost reached Trekian levels what with the device that can nick codes and data just by both exsisting and the tattoo reversal (which I saw coming. It'll take some of the pressure off the wardrobe people and allow them to show Wentworth shirtless to please the ladies.)

So looks to be a very promising season!
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