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Re: 'Star Trek' Needed A Reboot

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"I think it's like how with 'Batman,' it got to the point where there was more press about the nipples on the Batsuit than there was about the characters, and the franchise needed a reboot," said Lindelof.
So...Batman is in the movie? Awesome!

Dane_Whitman wrote: View Post

After Pegg's "Trek XI is not a reboot", now it's supposed to be a reboot again. Though I think 'reboot' and 'revitalization' are not necessarily the same thing. Guess we'll have to wait to see the picture to be sure, as all involved seem to be contradicting each other.
It's a revitalization of a reboot with repercussions which was initially a rerun, but they rebooted it before revitalizing it which makes the canon rewind until it becomes recanon. Really.
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