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Re: Watchmen-The graphic novel

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After reading Promethea (reading at least one volume and skimming two others anyhow) or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I felt I had wasted my time. I didn't feel the same after reading Watchmen. It deserves to be taken seriously I think. Some of the raving does sound demented, true, but I hope it's hyperbolic.

That's a great last line. (in your spoiler)

I started the graphic novel when I was 12 or 13, stopped, and just picked it up again last night, just finished the first part, but also understand what you're saying stj... some people will read too much into it. There should not be (obviously in my opinion) college courses on comic books. Heck, I'm not in favor of analyzing any literature too much. Go to college to split atoms and learn how to build bridges.
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