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Re: Self-Portrait as a Cardassian

Thanks for looking, guys!

Santaman--I find most people tend to sell their own potential short, when it comes to their drawing skills. Give it a'll probably do better than you thought.

Venardhi--Not planning on posting my real pic online, sorry. I just don't do that...not here or anywhere.

As for the "spoon," I did decide to be a little less delicate with it. The width takes its cue from the roundish shape of my face. The prominence...well, I decided to make that and the eye-ridges more prominent based on something you might find amusing: in real life, I refuse to tweeze my eyebrows like most of the people where I live (which I find creepy--it makes all the women around here look like clones), so while they're not bushy or anything, they're a bit more prominent than most of the locals...but ya know what? I am pleased with the way I look. I took the same attitude here in the drawing--not being really delicate with the ridges...and I am still, overall, pleased with the result even if it's not perfect.

Honestly, I don't mean for this to sound like arguing. I can see why you felt that way. I just thought I'd explain what was running through my mind as I drew.
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