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Self-Portrait as a Cardassian

I really wasn't expecting this last night and today...but it's something I've wanted to try drawing for MANY years and finally accomplished: a self-portrait in the form of a Cardassian.

The outfit is a cross between one that a young Iliana Ghemor was seen wearing in "Second Skin," and the ones worn by Natima Lang and Releken in "Profit and Loss," along with some of my own design ideas. As for the hair, I decided not to go with the geisha-like do's Cardassian women are most commonly depicted with--I opted for the braids instead since that's something I might actually be tempted to do with my hair if it were straight.

PLEASE visit this link for full-view (click the pic once you're on the page):

I have to tell you, this is a really weird one for me to see!

One thing I also began to notice as I drew this was the strong Art Deco influence on my style and approach--especially when it comes to the way I handle the shading and blending. While I recognize it isn't the most realistic style, there's something about the aesthetics I really like. (It also happens that, in my personal view, Cardassian architecture and fashion, as depicted on Deep Space Nine, reminds me of a sort of "dark Deco"...I honestly don't understand why so many of the DS9 characters react to it like it's ugly.)
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