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Original Prometheus-five ships in one.

I read sometime ago that Rick Sternbach had originally planned for a five starships in one Prometheus concept but later changes in the script sent him back to the drawing of the three in one ship that seems to have some controversy as to whether it should be in production as oppossed to a one off design.

I would like to ask how would you dream up a five sectioned ship and what it would look like and where the extra parts would come from.

My own thoughts centered on the saucer top being a seperable unit and was inspired by the TNG Tech Manual stating that the Galaxy had a detachable bridge section with impulse drive. Here, a major portion of the superstructure would detach and the beta section would have a fin rising up to clear the ship whereupon you would find a mini Defiant. The speartip like saucer would have warp nacelles so the ship when docked could have propulsion in warp coming from six vice two engines for extreme speed. The miniDefiant could also make a contribution here, maybeye.
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