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Rare Star Trek Photos for September 2008

Still "a man of my word" folks!

For the third month in a row, a new Rare Photos special.

I'll give you the link now, before you kill for talking too much:

When you've come back here, though, I've got some news. Good news!

Now, like it or not, eventually I will run out of material for Rare Photos to be such a regular event. I'm lucky to have been sitting on a stockpile of images the size of a small boat for a while now. But that won't last forever.

So I've taken steps to ensure that we have as much visual fun with Star Trek as we can. To that end, I'm going to be doing two more specials as spin-offs of Rare Photos. I'm not 100% sure on their release schedule yet; been doing a lot of last minute work on this months edition so I've not had much time to work things out.

What I can tell you is the topics of the other two specials.

The first, I'm currently calling "Casual Crew" but... I'm iffy on the name. As it suggests though, it will be a gallery of photos of our beloved Star Trek actors like we don't normally get to see them -- out of costume and out of character. The photos will generally be professional photos rather than, say, convention snap shots. But they'll be of the various members of the various series from before, during, and after Star Trek.

The second, I don't even have a working name for. The topic of it will be a complete exploration of the various publicity photos in a seasonal/theme basis. So say, all of the 6th season cast photos from Deep Space 9. I'll be showing you the entire run for a given season of a given show, and will do my best to provide you with all the alternate shots as well. For example, there are at least 2 versions of the 6th season Sisko shot, and 3 versions of Jadzia. I'll also answer questions you might have but never knew you did, lol, like "How come there isn't a photo of so-and-so in this set?" and so forth.

Soooooooo... there you go!

Enjoy Rare Photos 12. I'm almost done 13, and 14 and 15 are in the pipeline already too. So the rest of this year is a done deal.

Oh, and a question: I've got a MASSIVE abundance of Voyager stuff. Like... more than I knew I had! It's been driving me nuts because I haven't wanted to do more than a handful of Voyager images per special. That said, if I keep limiting myself to only a handful per edition... eventually we'll just have a "Rare Voyager Photos" special full time because of the back-log! LOL. So do you guys mind too much if I do, say, 8 or 9 Voyager photos per the (now standard) 36 of a given article? Is that too much?

If anyone has any DS9 or ENT rare materials... get them to me! They're the hardest subjects to find. TOS, TNG, VGR - lots of stuff. DS9, ENT - not so much. Even if you just know where I might find stuff - old magazines or something - let me know. I'll find said old magazine somehow.
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