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Re: What Not To Wear--Cardassian Edition

LOL, yeah, it's kinda hard to remove that from your brain. The WHOLE episode, most of it for great reasons, but that...

You know, I can really hear what Staci and Clint would say about it...

Clint: Sorry to break it to ya, but that doesn't say "kick-ass soldier"--that's a great big "kick me" sign on your face. I can't look at that thing without thinking of that piece of crap my orthodontist made me wear to school in the 6th grade--which got me stuffed into my locker more times than I'd care to count.

Staci: Ouch! Yeah, definitely a cross between a football helmet and an orthodontic nightmare--and I'd say the orthodontia is winning. All of you--chuck those things in the dumpster, right now! [Turns to Daro] See there? That wasn't so painful, was it? That's right, let the ladies see those eyes...
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