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Re: What Not To Wear--Cardassian Edition

Red Ranger wrote: View Post
Maybe those little head-thingies are some kind of Cardassian S&M regalia! I can see Dukat being a sadistic mofo with a whip! Ouch! -- RR
Eeeek...the scary part is, I bet Dukat really WAS into S & M, mainly a lot of S on his part. But for the love of God, let's PLEASE not go there!

(Though I must admit the comparison to S & M gear DID pop into my head before I ever posted this thread...)

Chindogu wrote: View Post
Do neck ties have any real function? Different cultures wear different things for different reasons. Some have function, some are purely decorative, and some are religious.
It definitely wouldn't be religious where the Cardassians are concerned. You're right about some things not having any function, though.

But I did notice that as soon as they got off their ship and out of the transporter room, those THINGS came off and never appeared again. I have to wonder if they actually thought they were intimidating somebody by wearing those. Hell of a bizarre way to make one's first impression...

Red Ranger wrote: View Post
Actually I thought you meant the codpieces! LOL! -- RR
I am about to sound really stupid, but clearly I'm not getting the terminology here. What do you mean by "codpieces"? Are you talking about the cuirass on their normal armor, or something else?
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