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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer


No real problem there though Chris Kirkland on pure technical ability, is our best keeper but he can't keep fit.

If Micah Richards can kick a ball he should be a right back and I don't care where the muppets at Man City play him. Wes Brown is not a right back and only looks decent due to being in the same back line as Rio, Vidic & Evra. Also how the hell does Bridge get in over Shorey who actually plays football at a weekend. Upson does not have the legs to compete against the likes of Croatia but the now fit again King does so pick him.

I like Jimmy Bullard as a player but he is not good enough for ENGLAND and he should of called up Huddlestone as the emergencey 4th Central midfielder because he has huge experience at U21 (Bullard was in non league at his age) plus he has played in Europe and a major English cup final for Spurs. Also has Young does something to offend Capello because that must be the only reason he does not get picked over can't cross Downing.

Whats the point of Heskey being there with no Owen and whats the point of Walcott being there when we all know he won't even play. Oh and I hope he reminds Rooney that he is a forward and not a midfielder.

Yep alot of moaning but that squad is a complete joke and quite possibly the worst ENG squad I have ever seen an ENG manager pick on the players available to him.

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