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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

I had to think that there would be some Cardassians that would see Dukat as the ultimate traitor--I mean, he turned the Cardassian Union over to aliens without so much as a by-your-leave to anybody else. Macet especially would be willing to see THAT, considering he and Dukat have despised each other ever since that distasteful and very public incident at the family reunion before Dukat even left Cardassia for the first time...but that's a whole other story. (Long story short--it involved Cardassian vs. Cardassian racism...yes, Dukat was ALWAYS a prick, even before he heard of Bajor.)

And I just thought when I saw "The Wounded"...that all Cardassians just couldn't be evil people, not even in the military.

It's interesting you mention Daro, even though he's a character in his own right in this story (XO of the Trager). He really struck me, though I wouldn't call him unfocused, as very introverted--the kind of person who has a lot more going on in his mind than what he actually says most of the time. Not exactly shy, but definitely a one-on-one type of guy as opposed to the life of the party. Especially the way they played that shot of him after O'Brien ditched him, Daro looked to be very deep in thought about what had just happened and he just struck me as the type who would play it over and over in his head trying to figure out just how he could've kept it from ending on that note.

As for Tayben...he's not a canon character, and he's pre-relaunch. He only appeared in one book. He might be a little difficult to identify right now because he did a lot of growing up in what I estimate to be four years, plus in that previous story I would say Tayben was hovering very close to his breaking point for the majority of it. Given that, I felt like I had some liberty in shaping his "true" personality, though the seeds of it were least in my estimation. Now, even though Tayben is not physically at 100%, and never will be, I think those four years have really refined him.

I suspect he does know Evek. And something tells me they DESPISE each other, though on his end Tayben would be way too classy to let it show. When Tayben was sent in to HIS territory, you can bet Evek wasn't happy about it. And then when he got shot...well, from Evek's view, Tayben deserved even worse punishment than what he got and sure as hell shouldn't have kept command of his ship given his failure and physical condition. The fact that he went up against Central Command and won has got to fly all over him.
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