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Re: Essential Batman

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The 25 Greatest Batman Graphic Novels

That list is kinda screwy. It lists Dark Victory in the top ten, and that book was utter crap, though I'd agree with the list's top four. And the list includes Son of the Demon. Don't even get me started on what a travesty of character rape that story is. Yeah, Batman's gonna work with Ra's al Ghul while Ra's henchmen are gunning down enemies right in front of him. Blech.
I didn't fully read the caveat/rationale at the beginning, but they did seem to state that quality wasn't the only qualifying trait they were looking for - impact and fan reaction also figured in. So I can see how Hush, Dark Victory, Death in the Family (blech*3) et al got in there.
Yeah, I didn't read it either - just flipped through the list.

And for all that the death of Jason Todd was very important in comics continuity for quite awhile - that has a whole lot more to do with DKR (which is where the whole idea originated) than Death in the Family, which is truly one of the worst things I've ever read. And now they've brought him back, a concept I cannot even begin to deal with.

No Dark Knight Re-Returns, though. Yay!
DKSA= unreadable.

DKR is already on my list though. It's a great story - probably Miller's best work because unlike Year One it has a strong ending.

I read the first issue of Venom ages ago, and remember really enjoying it. Since it's a Batman story without major consequences or known villains, I'd guess from its place on that list that it's actually very good. Is it?
Never read it myself. Something about the idea of Batman taking drugs just doesn't ring true to the character for me, but if anyone has a review that says it's really good, I'd be interested to hear it.
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