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Re: Is Joss Whedon's 'Ripper' still being made?

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Unfortunately, I don't see this ever being made...the PTB in entertainment have put Joss in the "yesterday's news" file and seem content to leave him there...
Well, as several people have pointed out, Joss' stuff isn't old news. He's doing pretty good for himself, and is back in demand.

Also, keep in mind that TPTB in the UK entertainment industry, specifically those connected to the non-commercial BBC, have completely different values/concerns than do their almost-strictly-for-profit American counterparts.

"Ripper" is by no means a dead concept. It could still easily happen.

Moreover, it seems RTD is a huge fan of Joss' work and claims that the Buffyverse was sort of the inspiration for Torchwood, so I guess my idea for a Torchwood / Ripper crossover isn't completely unimaginable after all.
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