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Re: Is Joss Whedon's 'Ripper' still being made?

^Umm, what?

They've given him Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog (a muscial), they're letting him do a brand new TV show "Dollhouse" with plenty of familiar faces.

Not to mention Tiki Inc. have started a line of Buffy related statuettes that is up to about 6 models now. Those aren't cheap.

Buffy, Angel and Firefly are back now because Darkhorse and IDW comics both gave Joss a contract to continue them in individual comics and TPB's, both are outselling Marvel and DC right now.

New complete sets of all three series have been released as well as individual seasons and a new collection combining Buffy and Angel dvd's just started.

He's busier now than he's been in years with all these projects. And he is overseeing, contributing, writing for and producing for all of them.
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