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Hmm... decisions about when to read Destiny

As with most other people, I'm quite fascinated by the hype that has been given to these "universe-changing" books. While I've been slowly progressing through the various novel series, I've still got a loooong way to go before I can say I'm completely caught up.

So, I'm trying to decide whether I should just put these older novels on the back-burner for now and jump into Destiny as it comes out and then attempt to keep up with all the follow-up novels, or whether it would be better just to wait until I can read the dozen or so DS9 novels, two VOY books, and three Titan novels (which at my rate, will likely be a few years). Not to mention how many New Frontier, COE, and Gorkon/Klingon Empire stories I have to read.

I guess I'm basicly asking whether Destiny would be a good "jump-in" point to kind of get caught up with all these series and then read the older ones as I have time. Another option I have is to read the brief sections for these novels in "Voyages of Imagination", however, it does feel like it might be spoiling the events of those books a bit for me. What do you think?
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