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Re: Sexy Vulcan Women of Star Trek - T'Pol and Saavik

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Longer hair is not a Vulcan disposition as you imply. We've seen Vulcan women with long hair in TOS Amok Time, and in some of the movies IIRC.

The only reason why T'Pol and every other Vulcan since TNG has Spock hair, is because the producers decided that every member of species that is not Human has to look, talk, and think EXACTLY the same, right down to the hair. And of course, of the same token, we can have no other species (even if they are the same species, aka Romulans) look like any other species.

And why? Well, audiences are stupid, you see, you couldn't possibly expect them to understand when a member of a species doesn't look exactly the same is still a member of that species, right? And one organization/culture being an offshot of another species? God forbid! They'll be completely confused if we don't make it clear!
And the producers were wrong? You must be unaware of the stink kicked up around here by the fans when T'Pol didn't act the same as all other Vulcans.
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