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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

The plot, and it would appear the conspiracy, deepens.

I’m taken with your representation of the Cardassian soldiers here, caught between their own sense of loyalty to the Union and the realization that they’ve become nothing more than canon fodder for the Dominion. What a dismal place to occupy, that dark zone where you must betray everything you hold sacred in order to free your people from the shackles of your overlords. Even if you win your people’s freedom, you’ll either pay with your life or with the last few shreds of your own self-respect.

I’ve touched on the themes of sympathy towards the Cardassian people in the post-Dominion War era in my own work, but here you’ve shown us that there are those among the Cardassian ranks whose unenviable fate can be pitied during the war itself.

Terrific stuff. I can’t wait until you can favor us with some more.

As for Tayben’s identity, if it’s someone from the re-launch books than I’m hopelessly out of place. If he’s a ‘canon’ character, he seems too young and humble to be Evek, too focused to be Daro… so I guess you’ve got me stumped.
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