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Re: Essential Batman

Try the recent Joker storyline from Batman Chronicles 7-12. DC have already released it I believe in hardcover. Then there's also Batman Year 2, a four part story in Detective Comics that was released straight after Batman Year 1. The art for 3 of the 4 issues was done by Todd Mcfarlane of Spider-Man fame. I'm also a big fan of the artwork of the late Jim Aparo and love how he used to draw Batman, especially for covers. In the early 80s DC published its first mini series, a 3 part story called Untold Legends of the Batman. This was a pre Year 1 attempt at telling Batman's back story. The art is good to boot. Lastly you could try the 'Zero' issues of Batman published in 1994. At the time DC did one of its periodic house cleaning exercises. They produced a five parter called Zero Hour with crossovers galore. Afterward they did issues numbered 0 designed as a jumping on point for potential new fans. The 0 issues of Batman, Detective, Shadow of the Bat and Legends of the Dark Knight were used to tell Batman's background story and scenes from them were used in Batman Begins particularly concerning the Batcave and Batmobile.
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