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Re: Art Asylum/Diamond Select Tricorder delay

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I hate it when lifeforms are indeterminate...
That didn't bug me, but the fact that the angle shown to the "lifeforms" doesn't look like 111 degrees did (assuming 0 degrees is straight up). But perhaps it's offset for some reason.

Checking the transcripts, it looks like that bearing might be from The Devil in the Dark:

SPOCK: Adjusting my tricorder to register for silicon, Captain. Interesting.
KIRK: Traces?
SPOCK: A life form, Captain. Bearing one hundred eleven degrees, elevation four degrees.
KIRK: One of our people?
SPOCK: No, sir. Silicon.

Searching the transcripts shows not a single use of the word "indeterminate" in all of TOS. However, The Lights of Zetar does have this:

SPOCK: There are ten distinct life units within it, all powerfully alive and vital.
KIRK: Who are they? Where are they from?
SPOCK: Impossible to determine without programming for computer analysis.

Also, the "Scan of: 3 sq. km" seems possibly wrong, since the side scales appear to be 3 units by 3 units (and thus 9 square units). But that's not definite.
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