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Re: Art Asylum/Diamond Select Tricorder delay

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Any word on why the delay?
No, the site just states the date with no explanation. Posters on AA's own forum (before it went away with the website's renovation) had doubts from the start that they'd be able to release the Tric in '08, expecting an early '09 release, so I guess they were right. I'd perhaps suspect a movie tie-in, but that's not the case with a January date.

In terms of sheer speculation, AA recently posted what they're going through/went though to get their Enterprise-D accurate and fully functional (here and here), so maybe(?) something similar happened with the tricorder. I'm naturally not enjoying the delay, but I'd certainly prefer an accurate tricorder in a few months rather than an erroneous one sooner. Regardless, I trust AA/DST to get it to us fans ASAP and accurately.

[Edit:] Oh, and I'm just pleased as all get-out that there's finally going to be a decent tricorder (well, MR had one a while ago, but I'm not made of money ). Back in the late 70s, my dad took a friend and me to a store because there was a "rumor" that they had the Mego tricorder/recorder. As it turned out, they didn't; and later info showed it to be a really inaccurate tricorder replica. But still, I've sort of wanted a decent tricoder ever since. So finally, some thirty years later, that's possible.

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