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Re: Sexy Vulcan Women of Star Trek - T'Pol and Saavik

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I thought Kirstie Alley looked great, especially during the turbolift scene when she was out of her duty uniform and her hair was down.

As for Jolene, that pic above is one of the best I've ever seen of her. She looks more natural and not plastic and emaciated which is what she looks like in most of her pics. And about the long hair on T'Pol, I speculated early on in the series that they'd let it get longer toward the end and that she'd have a more human disposition. Unfortunately the show got cancelled before that happened, but it was going in that direction wasn't it?
Longer hair is not a Vulcan disposition as you imply. We've seen Vulcan women with long hair in TOS Amok Time, and in some of the movies IIRC.

The only reason why T'Pol and every other Vulcan since TNG has Spock hair, is because the producers decided that every member of species that is not Human has to look, talk, and think EXACTLY the same, right down to the hair. And of course, of the same token, we can have no other species (even if they are the same species, aka Romulans) look like any other species.

And why? Well, audiences are stupid, you see, you couldn't possibly expect them to understand when a member of a species doesn't look exactly the same is still a member of that species, right? And one organization/culture being an offshot of another species? God forbid! They'll be completely confused if we don't make it clear!

Yes, I agree with you that making all members of a species look so much alike is boring. There may be a practical budgetary reason: Having wigs of the same type means the costumers know exactly what to stick on the heads of the actors. Guess you could also call it creative laziness.
If the budgetary challenged TOS could have different hairdos for Vulcans, why can't the much less budgetary challenged later series? In the same token, even if that were the reason for the shows, why do we see the same pattern for aliens of the movies?

The simple fact is, it's not what this is about. Every alien species has to be the same for the producers twisted reasons, and they're not budgetary.

Indeed, look at B5, less budget than Star Trek, and each alien from a species is different, different skin tones and blodge patterns, different hairdo, shorter, longer. Each member of a species had slightly different make-up and prosthetics, each Centauri had different hairdo, and they weren't wearing wigs most of the time from what I can tell. Doing the hair like that costs more time, energy and money than sticking a wig on them, and the budgetary challenged show pulled it off, but Star Trek didn't. So it's got nothing to do with budget.

Indeed, if the aliens do NOT have the same hairdos, there's also no such problem with "knowing exactly what to stick on the heads", because every actor would be DIFFERENT, so if there even was a wig that went on there, it doesn't really matter if you got the wrong one, unless they're so blatantly wrong (like a white wig for Andorians on a Vulcan or some such), but then it's obvious and it never occurs.

And while T'Pol did wear a wig, her hair color and skin tone was different than that of most Vulcans we've seen before.
I don't care about the color, it's the style that's the problem. It's the problem that it's a wig in the first place. Which rather disagrees with it being budgetary reasons. They could have simply used her own hair.
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