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Re: Essential Batman

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No, I really do mean the companion DVD to TDK. The old animated shows are on the second disc I believe.
Oh. I only rented it so I missed that.
Shame on you. Not to matter though, I'm sure the episodes can be "found" online somewere or other. I wouldn't be surprised if someone's put them up on youtube.

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Oh and at the risk of self promotion, I like to think we did some passable noir on the DKA fancomic. "Night of the Crow" especially.

P.S. Like your choice of avatar.
Fabulous! I'm looking for recommendations to add to the archive or links page. Could you let me know where to find that? If you know of any other material, good authors, stories, fan comics, whatever, please, please point me that way.
The link to DKA in in my sig.
It's the only batman fancomic I'm really aware of and that's because I was the colourist and letter for the latter half of it's run. So I'm not the best judge of it's quality.
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