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Re: Why hate replicator????

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Why sit around in the boring Replimat when you could got to Quark's, anyway?

At any rate, a replicator pattern is only as good as the person who programmed it. For example, O'Brien progams the Replimat to make shrimp gumbo, while Sisko cooks some up according to his family's ages old recipe. Both offer you a bowl. Which would you take? And good luck getting any master chefs to program their cherished recipes into some soulless machine.
If the system is based on the transporter technology, why not just 'sample' the arrangement of molecules in a correctly prepared dish, and replicate it? You wouldn't program a person before transport. Beam up, it goes into a pattern buffer, recorded, and is reassembled at the end point. Seems easier. Speaking of the original dish of course. Once sampled, a created dishes would be imported or exported like any computer file.
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