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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--Background Thread

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Wow-fascinating. I mean that. Intense research/thought put into this. Normally I hate it when a writer sets up a ton of background exercises but yours is a pleasure to read.
Thanks. I'm very glad I could interest you. I try to write my background information as if you were pulling up a "Wikipedia" article in-universe--as though it were something somebody in the Trek universe might look up if they wanted to know about the subject.

And of course, only some of the ideas were mine--some of the others came from the Terok Nor books with varying degrees of consistency.

I intend only to reveal stuff as it becomes relevant to the story rather than unloading an overwhelming amount of information. (The Cardăsda language is already quite extensive and I STILL haven't finished with all of the major grammatical points!) Since this particular information is relevant at this point, I thought it was a decent time to unveil it.
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