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Re: Essential Batman

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I know there's a great story from the 70s, that's mostly written in prose with only a few illustrations - I think it's in one of the collection TPBs, maybe even Batman in the 70s. If someone could come up with that title or issue number, I'd be ever so grateful. I think it was an O'Neil story and it was just Batman tracking a gangster.
It's in several collections. It's called "Death Strikes at Midnight and Three", and it can be found in 2 of the 3 "Greatest Batman stories Ever Told" collections.

It was printed original in 1978 in DC Specials No.15.

The first Greatest Stories Ever Told volume from 1988 in which it appears is now out of print, but that story was printed again in one of the 2 that exsist now. I don't remember which though.
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