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Re: Essential Batman

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I need to reread Long Halloween before I put it on the list, because I remember it as okay, but not great.
Long Halloween and Dark Victory are two of the few stories to include the mob as serious antagonists in Batman's fight on crime. If these stories don't cover Batman as a figure in noir storytelling, I don't know which do.

Any other recommendations?
I note you've included "Year One"...perhaps you should include the four Batman "Year One" annuals released in 1995 (for Batman, Detective Comics, Shadow of the Bat, and Legends of the Dark Knight). Each annual depicted Batman's first encounter with one of his rogues gallery members (Scarecrow, Riddler, Poison Ivy, and Man-Bat, respectively), with artwork and writing very reminiscent of Miller's "Year One" (these were intended as continuations of Miller's storyline). Also, there's more stress on Batman as a Detective in these.

They are also collected together in the TPB "Four of a Kind."

For similar reasons, "The Man Who Laughs" would be an excellent addition as well - you'll note that "Year One" ends with hints of the Joker. "The Man Who Laughs" tells that story of the first battle between Batman and the Joker, continuing directly from "Year One." It's a prestige one-shot, recently re-released in hardcover.
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