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Re: What's up with the more recent Arnold movies?

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I believe Arnie left a number of projects "in development" too long, and they became diluted by second guessing and focus groups.
That's interesting. Which movies are thinking of in particular?
The End of Days springs to mind. I'm not saying it was ever going to be high art, but the ending in the script, and the one they shot first, had his character duking it out with the devil and shooting him. It was changed when the film was screened for a panel of religious experts.

In Collateral Damage, which came out in 2001, he doesn't fire any guns. Several scenes were removed, including a plane hijacking.

And, this may be more of a personal hunch, but it struck me that Arnie was resorting to lesser more easily shootable scripts like CD and EoD (he apparently owns a lot) because he couldn't do pet projects like Crusade which has been bogged down for years. (This was the project he and Verhoeven wanted to do together.)
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