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Re: What's up with the more recent Arnold movies?

Haggis and Tatties wrote: View Post
Well out of all the movies big Arny did there is only two i don't like, the horrible Kindergarten cop and the cringe worth up the wazooo junior
I thought Kindergarten Cop was entertaining but I didn't have the courage to watch Junior. I can't even begin to imagine how weird that movie has to be.

Haggis and Tatties wrote: View Post
.......apart from that i have and do enjoy all the big mans movies right up until the quit the movie business.
Even Batman & Robin?

Haggis and Tatties wrote: View Post
I am actually sad that the big man has turned his back on movies and moved to politics as i still miss my occasional mindless arny romp movie released every few years.
I'll echoe that sentiment. I miss new Schwarzenegger movies. Though I'll add that while I also miss the mindless Arnold films, I miss the ones with that bit more substance even more (for example Total Recall or The Terminators 1 and 2).

Nardpuncher wrote: View Post
True Lies seemed like his last great movie. I thought Eraser was OK, bu felt like a Chuck Norris movie that could've been made in 1986.
I'm not that big a fan of True Lies but I tend to agree with you. True Lies simply feels 'bigger' than any of the movies that followed (maybe with the exception of T3). In a way, a film such as The Sixth Day, for example, could almost be made for TV. It just doesn't have that larger-than-life feel that characterized Arnold's 80's and 90's movies, I think. I would say the same is true of Eraser or End of Days, for example.

Holdfast wrote: View Post
The later Arnie movies aren't as great as some of the 80s ones, but to me they're still pretty watchable. Having Arnie on the cast list usually meant I was going to enjoy the movie.
Don't get me wrong: I'll take a mediocre Arnie flick over many other movies. He's got great presence and is fun to watch. It can simply be a bit jarring if you've just watched a movie like T2 and then go to Collateral Damage, for example.

ManOnTheWave wrote: View Post
I believe Arnie left a number of projects "in development" too long, and they became diluted by second guessing and focus groups.
That's interesting. Which movies are thinking of in particular?
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