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Re: Orci And Kurtzman On Being Offered 'Star Trek'

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<p>Like others associated with the film, Orci denied that <i>Star Trek XI</i> was a prequel. "Our version of 'Star Trek' is not exactly a prequel," he explained. "It is in some ways and you will have to see it to label it exactly. Yeah, 'canon,' that is a word that was invented for 'Star Trek,' meaning, 'does it fall within the continuity of this forty-year puzzle?''
It's a reboot. It's just sad that these clowns are too chickenshit to just say so. No, Abrams and his buddies just want to screw around with people.
Did you see the script? Did you see footage? Until you do, can you stop repeat ad-nausem that "it's a's a reboot". YOU DON'T KNOW THAT! Man, every frickin' thread about XI and you're there with "it's a's a reboot".
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