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Re: Jadzia Dax, not used in Ds9 how she was supposed to be?

Thanks for the feed back. Thats pretty much how I felt, Shew as more science like in season 1 but soon drifted away from that and by the time the war came she just had ateal unifourm for no reason. Personally I would of written her as changing into Operations, tactical or command divison.

However unlike some, I felt thatthe actress was good, the part may not of been important but she was likable, for me atleast. Her deathw as the worst written death of a main character I have ever seen, you couldn't even cry or get chocked up at it. On stargate sg-1 when they wacked their reccurring character Doctor Fraiser you could get a little sad or pissed if you loved her (Bastard!). And the speach/eulogy was very sad.
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