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Vanguard Episode Guide

The other day, I read the Vanguard article in the new Star Trek magazine, and I was quite blown away. I consider Vanguard one of my favourite book series, and absolutely adore it, but I've always enjoyed them for the books themselves. I've only watched isolated episodes of the Original Series. Any references beyond the totally obvious (Hey, there's Gary Mitchell! Hey, there's Captain Kirk!) went totally over my head, and I had no idea at all that Vanguard, as well as being kick-ass stories in their own right, was also creating the epic glue to hold the Original Series episodic stories together.

With Open Secrets coming out next year, I've been planning on rereading the series, but with the added knowledge from that article, I now want to reread it with the context of the Original Series stuff. I'm excited to see how it'll change the way I see the stories with this whole new layer on top of it.

That being said, has anyone made a list of episodes related to Vanguard? Would anyone be willing to? Kind of like, watch these episodes, then read book 1, then watch these other episodes, and read book 2, etc.
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