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Re: Why hate replicator????

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You mean we're not already?

Who said Quark serves "real food"? Quark has a replicator behind his bar, and used it to create food and drink regularly. In fact, in "Babel" Quark nearly went out of business because his replicators were down.

As for the whole "Replicators make crappy food" debate, I wouldn't be surprised if it was all psychological. Or maybe there is something to the replication process, like how transporters can run at different resolutions. Replicated food might be created with less precision than is necessary by transporters because it's not necessary to use that much energy to get the same nutrition from artificial food. My guess is, the engineers of replicators considered power consumption a higher priority than exacting taste. They also probably burned their taste buds on too many cups of bad coffee.
lol you are right we are all fatties

But going back to Quark serving food, i always thought it was real food because then why would people pay for it if it's replicated???? so i assumed they are paying for it because it's real food. Quark always ordered Kanar and other weird drinks/foods to sell, isn't that real food???
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