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Re: If you could erase five bands from ever having existed

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This is easy.

1.) Every band that imitated and watered down Nirvana. Nirvana wasn't great, but they were better than Live, Creed, Nickelback and all those morons.
2.) Any hair metal band. You suck. Period. Stop doing renunion tours and stop having shows on VH1. No self-respecting chick wants to sleep with your wrinkled ass.
3.) Anything that Drive-Thru Records spawned or was subject to imitation. Tight shirts and thick rimmed glasses don't make you deep. Crying like a baby, in fact, makes you a pansy. Want real emo? Listen to Cursive or Hot Water Music after they get done kicking the shit out of you.
4.) Avenged Sevenfold -- You're the best example of the rampant abuse of metalcore. You suck, your politics sucks, and even your mother hates you. You're not an '80s band, and the world would be a better place if someone killed you and your mouthbreathing fans.
5.) Any band on Warped Tour: From the Christian bands who claim it's hard to resist some fat emo chick blowing you on the back of the bus to the lame metalcore acts to the $7 bottles of water. Can you say suburban angst? By the way, this label excludes The Lawrence Arms, who were invited to Warped Tour, accepted, and then, within a few weeks, were kicked off of the tour for bashing the tour while on stage. Hilarious stuff, gentlemen, and kudos for having some balls.
Hear, hear!

You're my new best friend.
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