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Re: Why hate replicator????

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Replicated food has no soul. Ira Stephen Behr thought that a society that invented a replicator would be one step closer to soullessness. I'd say he's not far off. There's something loving and familial about home cooking, whether it's Sisko's bistro or Quark's Bar and Grille or the Klingon Restaurant or Ben Sisko making dinner for Kasidy, Jake-o, and himself.
One of the reasons I couldn't stand DS9 much was because of it's religious undertones.

Replicated food being hated?
Hardly ... it's just that the writers apparently wanted to insinuate that to some people, replicated food tastes differently from home-cooked one ... nothing more, nothing less.
And it was explicitly stated that the food tastes the same all the time ... it's the 'picky' ones who complain simply because it wasn't 'home-cooked' and don't want to potentially 'insult' their parents cooking? - as stupid as it may be.

It wasn't until Ds9 it was dumb-ed down and modified to the extent of being 'hated' where everyone went to Quarks for a meal.

When you are on a star-ship ... it's easier to replicate a meal instead of going to the airponics bay and take something from a limited supply.

There is no reason that people would stop making home-cooked meals because of the replicator or that people in turn would hate replicated food because for some of them it tastes 'differently'.

A 'soullessness' society? Give me a break.
Does replicated food allow for nuance and creativity that comes with flair and artistry? I think that's a valid question to ask, and I think someone like Riker would raise the point. Then again, a replicator could probably make a decent batch of Owon eggs, unlike Riker

Since I see things in ways of analogy these days, I'd have to say this is like:

Replicator = TV
Cooking = Books

Wherein people once debated the importance of books after televisions came out. Some argue that overreliance on TV makes us soulless. Some wonder what the fuss is about books when we have TV. And still others ask, "Is there a problem?"

Some prefer books over TV. But I suppose that's not a good point to raise on a message board about a TV franchise.

Back to the point: I'd have to say that our current fast-food society is pretty soulless as it is. When Ronald McDonald displaces Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny as our kids' favorite icon, there's a problem.
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